She’s The One: Here are 9 Adorable Ways to Ask Her to Be Yours

A kiss on the hand is an adorable way to show you care.

Let her know she’s special to you. Photo courtesy of Grlpage.

Written by Giselle Bella

She’s the one. You know it. You want to ask her to be yours on Valentine’s Day but you are not sure how. I will try to help with that. Whether you just met her three weeks ago or have been married for 13 years, you surely will find these ideas helpful.

Wait! Don’t just call and ask her to be your valentine. Valentine’s Day is all about romance so make it cute, make it memorable, make it romantic but do not go overboard. Save that for later.

Send her a lovely text message that is interactive. Ask her if she will be your Valentine by responding with “yes” or “no.” You make it interactive by putting a smiley face next to YES and a frowning face next to NO. Ask her to reply with the face she chooses. You can even do it with photos of yourself. You can even send her a voice-recorded message to ask her or a video message.

If by now you have her e-mail address, e-cards are still something to remember, especially now that hardly anyone uses them outside of memes.

Ask her while you’re at dinner.

Write her a love note, as you would in grade school. Ask her to be your Valentine and to check the box she wants. The best part is you wait until you are within a group of friends and ask your friends to pass down the note to her.

Lunch box treats. So if you are a couple who live together, this may be adorable. Pack her lunch and in her lunch bag or box put a note, card or letter with the question. To make her response more exciting, ask her to provide her response in the lunch she will pack you the next day. Adroit!

Surprise her in bed. Whether you share the same bed or not, you can get away with this. That is, if you have access to her bed. Leave her a message/note under the covers asking her to be your Valentine. You want her to see it as soon as she pulls the covers back. You may leave a note with a flower or one of her favorite treats. OR if you leave before her in the morning, leave her the note on the pillow next to her.

Send her flowers. Send her flowers at her place of work or at home and in the card, ask her to be your Valentine.

Ask your friends to support you. If you are somewhere social with friends, give them each a paper to hand her. Write, “Will You Be My Valentine?” with each word on pieces of paper and give four to your friends. Have everyone give her a piece of paper at different times then you give her the last piece. Melt her heart. You can do the same thing via text. Have four friends text her in order as to ask the question and you send the final message with the question mark!

If you are super romantic and especially if you’ve been together for some time, then take her to a place that is known and sacred to just you two and ask her.

Remember that even if you are already a couple, do things to keep love going, keep what attracted you to each going.

My wish for you is, that you grateful and graciously embrace the Valentine you’ve been given. Whether she is a mother or sister, a friend or lover, may your Valentine love you without conditions and may you reciprocate that.

My love to you,

Giselle Gia


Giselle “Gia” Bella is a 30-something woman living in Baltimore. As The Love Goddess for Black Lesbian Love Lab, she happily shares her ideas for finding and keeping your lady love. She wrote the Autumn Falls web series for Topp Bottom and published several books, including Gietic: Erotic Poems/Kinky Love Stories and Gietic II: Love and Loss

Your New Year’s Resolution: Break Up With Your Girlfriend


Written by Giselle Bella

You’ve gotten to the end of the relationship and you know it. You’ve invested your time, your energy, your love and yourself into this relationship but it has not satisfied your desire. It does not fulfill your purpose. It does not meet your vision. You’ve loved each other as best as you could. You’ve disliked each other for a while but tolerated each other for the sake of the relationship. It is time to move on. It is time to call it quits without the drama of shame and hurt.

Not every relationship lasts and that's okay.

Not every relationship lasts and that’s okay.

How do you do that without further breaking her heart and compromising your boundaries?

Easy, you break up.

You don’t separate, you don’t take time off, you leave. You leave your partner and the relationship you had. You let it all go. You don’t complicate things by running into the arms of another woman, you don’t cause drama by leaving in the middle the night or without a clue.

Here are nine tips to calling quits and leaving the relationship without unresolved issues.

  1. Before you make this final decision, be sure that this is what you want.
  2. Know that you and/or her will feel sadness.
  3. Tell her how you feel and what you want. Refrain from telling her about herself and what she has or has not done. Remember, this is something you want, so explain your decision. Do it without pointing a finger (or two).
  4. Choose your words wisely. Don’t sugar coat anything but don’t be brutal. The fact that you are breaking up is bad enough for her.
  5. Communicate clearly to her that the relationship is over. This is the end. This is complete. Do not talk to her in a way that leaves room for a possible reunion. That means, let her know you are not seeking to be separated but to break up. Don’t tell her you need time and you will see from there. That is a no-no when breaking up. You’ve given this much thought and you are content with ending the relationship. End it there.
  6. Make it direct and short. You don’t need to reminisce about your past, review your current issues and assuage what the outcome will be. Tell her your decision and remain with it.
  7. Be prepared that this may not be what she wants. She may attempt everything to get you to give it another shot. The way you show up and the energy you bring will steer where she may go with it. When you notice she is trying to get you to stay, stop arguing with her, pointing out her behavior and blaming her.
  8. Know that it is not your position to comfort her and validate her feelings. Allow her to deal with her loss without you. You deal with your loss without her. If you console each other, you will only cause confusion.
  9. Set your boundaries and respect them.

Breaking up is never quite easy, but once you’ve given it thought and have come to that end of the road, you must see it through. Just remember that you once loved this person enough to build on a life together. Therefore, treat her as if you once loved her and let her go respectfully. I know you may say, that this does not apply to you because she wouldn’t give you the same courtesy, but keep in mind that cosmic karma is real.

Before things get worse, break things off when you know it is what’s best. Let go of all relationships that do not serve you and begin to love yourself. See what happens from there.

Giselle “Gia” Bella is a 30-something woman living in Baltimore. As The Love Goddess for Black Lesbian Love Lab, she happily shares her ideas for finding and keeping your lady love. She has published several books, including Gietic: Erotic Poems/Kinky Love Stories and Gietic II: Love and Loss

What Forgiveness Looks Like When We F*ck Up

TheLoveGoddessWritten by Giselle Bella

I dated my lover for about 1 year. During our courtship, everything was eloquently going in the right direction. However, after a year and a half, I wanted a better commitment. She wasn’t ready, so I requested a split.

During the time we split, she engaged in an emotional connection with a young lady we both knew and hung out with while we were involved. The young lady is someone who had previously expressed to us both that she was attracted to my lover.

I could have moved past this, but my sticky issue was that she brought the young lady into my presence, after expressing her growing love for me. And after, we had talked about how much we love each other and could work on finding a way to make it work.

My lover paraded this other woman in an intimate way in my presence and that of my close friends and family. The people who knew us, checked with me to see if I was okay and to ask what was happening between us.

I felt embarrassed, to say the least. People saw, people knew and people would judge me.

We [my lover and I] were able to talk about this [Yes, I implement what I suggest] and are moving past it. One day at a time.


Love requires forgiveness. Photo courtesy of temperamentaltea.

Love requires forgiveness. Photo courtesy of temperamentaltea.

Recovering The Trust


For the first time, I am feeling distrust for someone I am seeing. Usually when a lover or partner takes advantage of me, through dishonesty, insolence, dishonor and cheating, I remove myself from the situation and never turn back. I have never turned back before.

This is new to me and it is also new emotional behavior.

I find that I question her loyalty, her integrity, her meaning, her purpose, her intentions – HER LOVE.

It has taken me weeks to get here, but I am acknowledging that I am letting my feelings play out, as they should. I feel distrust for a lover and that doesn’t mean I must relinquish our love. The embarrassment I felt had to do with self-pride not love. I knew that my distrust stemmed from a place that is not fair to her but most of all to ME. I deserve better than that from her but most of all, I deserve more than what little chances I was giving myself at love.

How was I to find strength within my love with another if I never endured through the lessons, which bring forth strength? I have to give love a fair chance and that includes remembering the cliché –“Love takes work. Love is not easy but it overcomes much.”


I have never allowed myself to feel or to be involved with someone while feeling anything that was not associated with LOVE. Or so I thought. I am in a place where I am not running from love in hopes that love will find me. What I mean, is that in love, we must work out some things. Yet, we must be supportive to ourselves and know the things, which need work and what kind of work we are to put in.

I lived my life and had partnerships where I tolerated no mistakes. I kept leaving lovers and partners because they made a mistake whether intentionally or not. I left them according to my standards, not that of love. This therefore, did not support me in growing nor learning through the failures and lessons associated with love. This only kept me running and looking for something perfect. I never allowed myself to feel an unfavored emotion toward a lover and grow from it. I shunned any emotions associated with loss, and that impeded my growth.


I am redoing love. We are both excellent beings and that makes us worthy of each other’s love and passion. We are both in a place where we work on ourselves wholly. We are mentally, emotionally and spiritually in the space where we can support and learn from each other. We are great partners. We implement everything we learn and work on moving forward not staying backwards. I am regaining my trust for her and understanding a better part of me. This is how love grows; this is how we flourish. This is part of what it means to walk in enlightenment and live in love. I finally comprehend that cliché.


Don’t get me misunderstood. I am no fool.

This is where I am. I love her. She loves me.

This means that I must work at our relationship. This means, I must put in the effort I request. This means I must show up in love and light and learn to forgive. That forgiveness starts with myself. Love is beautiful indeed.

My love to you,


Giselle “Gia” Bella is a 30-something woman living in Baltimore. As The Love Goddess for Black Lesbian Love Lab, she happily shares her ideas for finding and keeping your lady love. She wrote the Autumn Falls web series for Topp Bottom and published several books, including Gietic: Erotic Poems/Kinky Love Stories and Gietic II: Love and Loss

16 Practical Ways to Never Fight With Your Partner Again


Written by Giselle Bella

Communication can break or make a relationship. This is the fourth in a series of articles sharing how we can improve the way we communicate with the women we love.


Your Communication Blueprint

In part 1 of our Never Fight With Your Partner Again: A Black Lesbian Blueprint, I talked about how you can transform the way you think about conflict with your partner. In this article, I’ll share some practical examples, which you may find supportive if you and your partner are in the midst of communicating and it leads to an argument:

1. Time out: When you notice things heating up, one of you [if not both of you] calls a time out. Create a signal that works for you when you get in that situation. Then from there, you will continue to discuss how you feel.

2. Grab pen and paper. When your partner says something and you feel the urge to immediately address it, instead of interrupting, write it down. This is to stop you from rudely interjecting with, “Wait a minute…”

3. Set a timer:  If you want to set a time for each to make a point then do so for when you first begin to speak. So, you may want to each start with five (5) minutes. Once you’ve each had your equal time, you will find it easier to take turns speaking.

4. Question: When the situation seems more than you can handle, arrange for a time out signal and immediately say: “question.” As soon as one of you does that, the other person must instantly stop and be ready to answer yes/no questions. The idea is to ask questions that will support you in knowing whether you or she was misheard and misunderstood.

5. Refrain from bringing up past disputes. Treat this disagreement as its own entity.

6. Be wise and sensitive with your choice of words and phrases.

7. When your partner speaks, look her in the face, in the eyes. Refrain from looking away in disinterest and making surly faces.

8. Leave your condemnation outside and listen with an open mind and heart.

9. Leave the scene. If you need to stop talking or need to be left alone for a moment, DO NOT announce that you’re leaving and walk away. Look your partner in the eyes, tell her, you are upset, and need to take some time in order to gather your thoughts. Respect her time if she is the one who says that to you. You display that respect by stating you understand and you do want to finish expressing your discontent or your emotions. It may go something as such, “I understand, but when you are complete with your time, I do want to communicate through our disagreement.”

10. If you do not agree with something she says that is ok. You don’t have to, but be remember that that is how she feels. Therefore, be respectful. If you disagree with a comment or statement, simply say “I disagree…” Refrain from saying things such as, “Uh-uh, no, that’s not what happened, if that’s how you feel, you don’t understand…” The truth is your partner may understand but simply not know how to convey it.

11. Be patient. Do not rush and certainly do not rush her. Allow yourself time to gather your thoughts and allow the same for her. In gathering your thoughts, you will find that you convey what you feel in a more sensible manner and with less aggression.

12. Breathe. Remember to breathe. Next time you are get frustrated, monitor your breaths. You may be surprised to learn that at certain levels and vibrations, we tend to hold our breaths. So take some deep breaths. If your partner makes note of this, tell her that breathing allows you to be in touch with your emotions and not block them. That’s right, when we hold our breaths, we block emotions and become clouded. A lucid mind makes for a healthy processing mind.

13. Love her, love you and love your growth through your rough time. No matter what the situation or the quarrel, show love to each other. After you’ve talked out or settled your row, express your love to each other.
14. Do not go to bed with a heavy or angry heart. Even if you can’t resolve your issues on the spot, agree to continue working toward a resolution at a later date.

15. Be compassionate to your partner and her feelings. Remember, she is not the enemy. This is someone you love and she is learning and growing everyday, just like you!

16. Most importantly, express your gratitude to each to each other for listening and working through it together.
Things happen. Things happen that are out of our control and out of normalcy and these things matter. However, what matters more is how we handle these things. Communicate with love and communicate with truth. Communicate with each other. Then you will notice, not only do you not fight but your disagreements are understood more and you build a fondness, respect and admiration for each other.


To fairness in love.
My Love to you,


Giselle “Gia” Bella is a 30-something woman living in Baltimore. As The Love Goddess for Black Lesbian Love Lab, she happily shares her ideas for finding and keeping your lady love. She wrote the Autumn Falls web series for Topp Bottom and published several books, including Gietic: Erotic Poems/Kinky Love Stories and Gietic II: Love and Loss

Never Fight With Your Partner Again: A Black Lesbian’s Blueprint


Written by Giselle Bella

Communication can break or make a relationship. This is the third in a series of articles sharing how we can improve the way we communicate with the women we love.


Every couple has quarrels, disagreements, disputes, clashes, arguments and even fights. What sets a healthy relationship apart from an unhealthy one is, how they fight. Take a moment and think about the word, ‘fight.’ What comes to mind? Immediately you are thinking something negative and probably even something combative. Actually, if you stop using the word, “fight” and replace it with another word, then you may see a different effect. Doesn’t it sound better when a friends asks, “What is the matter?” and you simply reply, “we had a disagreement?” Sounds even better and lightens the mood.

So, yes, I believe you don’t have to fight to be fair. Isn’t that some sort of oxymoron? Fair Fight. If you are fair, you won’t have to fight. I know it sounds simple but difficult to do. Or so it seems. The best way to avoid quarrels and clashes is to understand your partner and most of all, understand you. Here are some tips on how to fight fairly:

Learn what your triggers are in a relationship, any relationship. Be observant and aware of what your partner’s triggers are. Triggers can be anything that cause upset and are different for everyone. If you are able and willing to get into a relationship after knowing what each other’s triggers are, then you must be willing to do the work to avoid hitting those hot buttons. Once you are aware of what triggers you, then it is time to communicate together and put in place plans that will support you if ever and whenever boundaries are crossed.

Ah, yes, boundaries. Have them. Keep them. Respect them. Importantly, respect the boundaries of your partner. Be knowledgeable of what crossing a boundary with her looks like. Once you are familiar with each other and know each other’s dos and don’ts, then you have a lucid comprehension of your boundaries. Therefore, when one of you says, “you’ve crossed the boundary with me.” Stop (both of you) immediately and process that. Be still for a moment and then take your time speaking in turns.

When speaking in turns, make your point and allow her to make hers then respect her point of view. Just because your glass is half-full doesn’t mean it’s not half empty to her. Therefore, comprehend that your differences include your way of viewing things. If you find that this is more rough than easy to do, then put in place a timer system. When you notice that making your point is going nowhere or going somewhere harsh, set a time. You both must agree to this. As your relationship grows you may outgrow the timer. Then you will notice that you actually ‘take the time’ to hear each other out and listen and wait your turn before jumping in. Also, when she becomes aware that you are listening to her, she then begins to pay attention, even to herself.

Pay attention. Pay attention to what she says to you and most importantly pay attention to what you say and what your response is. You will notice that in being still and listening to her rationale, you may be presented with a third point of view and even a common ground. Pay attention to her body language. Did you just say something that made her shut down? How is her body moving and positioned? How did her facial expression change? Paying attention to these things and more, will give you an insight on where the disagreement is going and how to proceed. Shutting down may look like sudden silence, crossed arms, mood change and others alike. It may be something said or done or just the situation, but watch how she interprets the emotions and be aware of your emotions.

Emotions may be falsely interpreted. Therefore, do not get wrapped up in playing volunteer or victim. This means, say what you really mean. Do your best to speak from a place of love rather than fear and anger. You can be honest without being condemnatory and callous. Speak without being fainthearted and coy.

Ask for permission. If you have to convey to your partner how you feel about her and a specific situation, ask for permission to be honest. When you ask for permission, not only is the person allowing you to share your feelings but also they are opening themselves to receive it. When you ask for permission, you become aware that you are sharing honestly, therefore you remember to share from a place of love.

When your partner honestly shares something with you, do your best not to let it to consume you. Remember that this is her interpretation and/or point of view. The more you listen and the more you communicate in turns, the more you will know and figure out if it is something you must work on as a couple or individually. If it requires personal work and not couple work, then allow yourself the time you or your partner needs alone. Do not impose on her if she requests time alone. Once you’ve expressed your emotions, allow her time to process.

You allow her time by letting go and letting love direct you. Don’t be pushy about what you want and don’t want. Refrain from repeating yourself. You definitely will not be heard if you keep saying the same thing over-and-over. As cliché as this may sound, communication is supportive to a healthy relationship. That includes all supportive forms of communication such as talking, writing, body expressions, facial expressions and hand and body gestures. Communicate with love and from the heart. Communicate together rather from wanting to be heard. Communicate honestly.

Choose your words wisely. Refrain from saying, “I am not trying to fight with you.” Replace that with, “I want to communicate how I currently feel/view the situation or what I currently understand.” Instead of, “you make me feel…” use, “I feel…I view…My emotions.” Change phrases such as, “What you said was…” choose, “What I heard you say is…” Do not point the finger, remember that your perception is your interpretation of what happened, not necessarily what happened.

Stay tuned for part 2!

My love to you,

Giselle “Gia” Bella is a 30-something woman living in Baltimore. As The Love Goddess for Black Lesbian Love Lab, she happily shares her ideas for finding and keeping your lady love. She wrote the Autumn Falls web series for Topp Bottom and published several books, including Gietic: Erotic Poems/Kinky Love Stories and Gietic II: Love and Loss

11 Ideas to Spice Up Your Boring Love Life


Written by Giselle Bella

So, you’ve been in a great relationship for some time, but … let’s face it, you’ve become content and somewhat bored. This is causing a yearning for what new lovers often refer to as “The Fire, The Flame.” You don’t want to drift apart, but the telltale signs are there. You feel, believe and know you two belong together, but how do you keep this going? You’re not going anywhere but to a simple or complicated place. How do you stop from making one of the most significant mistakes in your love life?

Start by letting go of your sabotaging ways. That’s right! Release the ideas and thoughts that your relationship is going down the drain. Your thoughts impact your life in a big way. So if you have negative thoughts about your relationship, then you will get what your heart desires. Of course, there is work, which needs to be done but it is not as arduous as you think. It does take diligence to have the relationship you want and you’re worth it. We always hear people in life-long relationships tell us, “It takes work.” Don’t believe me? Ask any couple who has been together for more than 10 years and seem genuinely happy. Note: I wrote seem genuinely happy. That is open to your interpretation.

In order to support you through this humdrum period, I have assembled some ideas, which will keep this fire burning! This is a list of ideas, which may be tuned as you see fit for your relationship. Allow them as part of your love life, not just a list of things to do for your partner or to keep her around. You do not have to do these every day, but use them, one per week, two or more per month, or maybe you are totally indolent and want to do something every quarter.

      1. Compliments: You will find that everyone [pretty much], including you [hopefully], likes compliments. So, share them. After all, they are free. When your partner does or wears something you like, compliment her. Compliment her pulchritudinous appearance. When she works her magic in the kitchen, compliment her. When she has a bright idea and when she accomplishes something; anything, compliment her.
      2. Courtliness: You are building more than a relationship; you are in a partnership, which requires courting. Simply put, maintain good dating manners with each other. Be courteous to each other. Sometimes, pretend you are still impressing her, like the first three months you dated. If you don’t care to open her doors every day then allow it to be some time or somewhere specific. Perhaps when you go to the market, maybe on your date night, or wherever and whenever you choose, make it memorable.
      3. Date [night]: Once a week, twice a month or even once a month works. Whatever you do, do not allow a month to go by without a date with your loving partner. Keep in mind that date night is different than family night. Do more than date nights, have brunch, and have breakfast and mid-evening dates. Get creative with your dates. For Pepa’s sake, do not always just go to the cinema.
      4. Gratitude: Make sure you do not go a week or the very least, a month without expressing your gratitude to your partner. Whether it is during the pillow talk, or the middle of lunch breaks, or during Sunday dinner, take the time to express gratitude. Tell her how grateful you are for something she’s recently done or for supporting you. Gratitude brings forth joy and joy is the sunlight of love. Focusing on gratitude allows more pleasant things to come about.
      5. Love Letters: It seems that we are turning into the age of quick messaging and are leaving all momentous forms of communication behind. Pick a day, a special day to you (both), and write your beautiful lady a love letter. Whether you are expressing gratitude for her presence in your life or writing about her butt and smile, communicate differently. Send it via mail, or leave it somewhere she will find; either via a card or just on paper; do it once a year or twice; just do it. If you are adamant about not putting ink to paper then send an e-mail.
      6. Play: The couple that plays together, stays together. I am talking about all kinds of play here. Have a game night and invite friends over. Enjoy a family game night. Role-play in the bedroom and even outside of the bedroom. Make each other laugh; laugh at each other; just laugh. Play on your dates. Play at home.
      7. Romance: So there is so much I can include here, but I highly suggest you think of Valentine’s Day. Anything to do with or on Valentine’s Day is often catalogued as romantic. You do not have to do these things every day but spread them apart. Don’t just wait for Valentine’s Day or her birthday to shower her with lovers’ gifts of romance.
      8. Spontaneity: Surprise her whenever you feel like it. Big or small, surprise her with a romantic night, sexy date, lunch date while she’s at work, flowers for no reason, a day at the spa, and anything else. Know your partner’s hobby and surprise her in regards to it. Fill her tank up before she leaves for work. Talk to her siblings and/or best friend to get creative with a surprise she wishes to have. I believe you can take this from here.
      9. Talk: Communicate with her by talking about your emotions. Tell her how you truly feel. Let her tell you what she sincerely desires. Listen to her and allow her to listen to you. Talk about your day, your individual goals and relationship plans. Talk about diminutive things and major things. Talk about yourselves and your family. Discuss things in the news or share your knowledge. Those talks will remind you of the reasons you adore your partner.
      10. Vacation: Get away from it all. Take a trip together, yearly. Even if you cannot afford to go abroad for vacation, go somewhere away from home for a long weekend or week. Vacations allow people to relax and therefore allow for cheery behavior. On these vacations, you will not just get to know each other more but you will build more memories to nurture your love.
      11. I love you! Tell her you love her everyday, not just on special occasions. I, for one, prefer that my partner knows it every night before we go to sleep or either at the first call/greeting of the day. Lately, people have attached a lack of emotion to “love you” and especially “luv u.” So stop, and simply say or write, “I love you.” You will not only hear but also feel the difference in the energy it generates.

Once it’s all said, tried, and done, it is about keeping love alive by keeping it going. Remember that communication will support you best. Tell your partner how you feel and what you desire in your relationship. Whether you choose to implement one thing from the list or none, the work starts with you. Finding love is like finding a precious jewel. Creating love is like having a unique jewel only you possess.

My love to you,

Giselle “Gia” Bella is a 30-something woman living in Baltimore. As The Love Goddess for Black Lesbian Love Lab, she happily shares her ideas for finding and keeping your lady love. She wrote the Autumn Falls web series for Topp Bottom and published several books, including Gietic: Erotic Poems/Kinky Love Stories and Gietic II: Love and Loss

8 Ways to Win Her Heart This Valentine’s Day Without Breaking the Bank


Written by Giselle Bella

So, Valentine’s Day is almost here and you want to impress her! More so, you want to impress her and keep your pockets healthy. Maybe you recently met someone and she is your Valentine but you do not want go overboard. Perhaps you are experiencing some financial hardship but do not want to seem uncaring. You may even be a skinflint. All in all, the truth is you want to enjoy Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank. Plus you’re out of ideas to make this work for the good of all involved. Well, The Love Goddess has you covered with some great ideas:


BlackwomanChef (PBS)

Cook for your Valentine. Whether you do it at your place or hers, cook for her! Actually, do more than cook. Make a simple, classic meal and create a romantic evening. Italian is always a Valentine’s favorite! It’s easy to make and cost effective. By Italian I mean a simple pasta dish. Set the table, or the dinner trays. Better yet, create an indoor picnic. Move the furniture and set the floor up to eat. You get the idea. Get creative here. After dinner move on to a massage or foot rub. Get romantic. Don’t forget to give her the Valentine’s card you bought for $1 at the dollar store and some “Be Mine” balloons. If you can’t cook; don’t worry. Just make it sexy and she will adore you for attempting. Don’t forget the wine!