Marathon Love Spotlight: Desiree & Marisol

Desiree and Marisol, who live in Florida, have been together for 13 eyars.

Desiree and Marisol, who live in Indiana, have been together for 13 eyars.

We had to liquidate all of our assets in order to stay afloat. In the end as always, staying together is worth it!

Written by Desiree Brandon

This year marks 13 years that Marisol and I have been together 13 years this year. We’ll celebrate those 13 years by getting married on September 26! September can’t come fast enough!

It took us this long because we wanted to be settled, and she wanted to be a citizen of the United States. Once same-sex marriage became legal, we thought we should do it then, but it wasn’t legal in our state (Florida). Now that it is and she will be a citizen before then end of the year, nothing’s stopping us now!

The secret to staying together for us is knowing that we go from work TO work each day.

We know that a relationship is work and we approach ours with a level head and an open heart. We also realize that life changes so much but love never changes! We are from two different countries (she’s from Trinidad and I’m American), yet we still have so many shared interests and experiences.

I think some couples give up when things get rough. But we don’t. Since neither one of us were born with a silver spoon, we just kind of roll with the punches and it was quite difficult but also quite easy in a way.

I remember when she had to leave the country due to a job status change and we weren’t sure if she was going to be able to come back. She was gone for almost five months! I was ready to sell the house, dog and our car so I could move to the Caribbean. In the end, everything worked out and she was able to come back. We had to liquidate all of our assets in order to stay afloat, but in the end, as always, staying together is worth it!

The hardest part about her being gone at that time was that I was in a really bad car accident and just really wanted her to be there and she wasn’t. But we kept going because we knew what our end game was. We really didn’t think twice. It sucked to have had to talk to her on the phone or to only see her on the computer, but when you commit yourself to doing anything, you can accomplish it.

Life is what you make it and after that, we are stronger than ever with jobs that pay almost double what we had going previously. We finally have it all—the house, car, dogs, chickens (yeah we have 6 of them)—and the beautiful life we hustled hard for at the beginning. Now to tie the knot in September!

Ebony & Krysta Jumped the Gun and Jumped the Broom

Krysta and Ebony met at an airport through mutual friends.

Krysta and Ebony met at an airport through mutual friends.

Ebony & Krysta (Krys) met in the most unlikely of places, fell in love and have been together for two years. They were among the many couples in Florida who got married in January. They share their sweet love story below:

Black Lesbian Love Lab (BL3): How did you two first meet?

Ebony: We met at the Tampa International Airport. We had a mutual connection (her friend and a close friend of my son’s father). This friend, Tiffanie, heard my son was flying back home to Tampa and asked my son if he wouldn’t mind taking a gift to her friend who happened to live in Tampa. My son agreed. So the plan was for my son to meet her friend at the airport in baggage claim. Her friend happened to be Ebony. Ebony is this sweet talkative spirit (and straight woman) and I, Krysta, am the lesbian.

BL3: Tell us about your first date.

Krysta: Our first date was not truly a date; it was merely two friends getting together to go to a wine tasting event, and then we ended up at Mitchell’s seafood restaurant. We both later agreed that at that restaurant it turned from “friends” into thoughts of more.

BL3: What intrigued you about each other?

Krysta: Ebony is the sweetest person, naïve, innocent, kind, and she has a smile that radiates through every dark place of my soul. I was drawn to her very essence.

Ebony: What first intrigued me about Krysta was her beauty and spirit. When we first met, I just began talking as if I had known her forever and we had been friends. I’m a very friendly person, however, I am not normally very talkative initially. I was told that I was talking nonstop when we first met. I felt a connection right off the bat, I wasn’t sure what it was but it was something.

BL3: What do you love most about each other?

Krysta: I love that Ebony loves me for who I am, where I am with no apologies required!

Ebony: I love that we can talk about anything—that we laugh, have fun, enjoy life and balance each other. I love that Krys makes me want to do and be better. Krys loves me for me; she accepts me and my flaws.

BL3: How is your relationship the same and different from any other couple’s?

Krys: Our relationship is one full of love—sincere and genuine love; that’s what most married couples experience. We are the same because we are two people wanting to build a life with one another and spend good times and bad seeing how the end of our lives will be and enjoying the ride the whole way through. We are no different than any other couple. We don’t see ourselves as different. Relationships are about mutual love and respect, devotion and commitment.

I would say our dynamics are merely different. I am in love with a “straight” woman who fell in love with a lesbian woman. If we have labels, those would be the most fitting. To me, it’s okay because we are two women in love and in life together!