Eight Years After Falling in Love With Her, My Wife Has Changed

Ayesha and Cicely model their healthy new bodies.
Cicely and Ayesha are healthier than ever.

Cicely and Ayesha have seen dramatic changes in their lives since they committed to eating better and exercising more.

Written by Ayesha Forte

I remember getting my gallbladder removed on December 25, 2010. It was a horribly painful experience, but it was the best Christmas gift I ever got. After that, I was determined to change my eating habits. My wife, Cicely, and I had been thinking about becoming vegetarians. After watching several documentaries that exposed the cruel environments that the animals lived in, that was it for us. We never looked back.

Changing our eating habits was merely part of the battle. Our ultimate goal was to completely change our lifestyle—mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

First we supported each other in quitting smoking then, we took it further and became vegetarians. About a year ago, we committed to working out between four and five days a week.

So, we definitely needed healthy meals to keep these bodies moving.


We come from a family of cooks so home cooking is extremely important to us! Since becoming vegetarians three years ago, I’ve taken over the kitchen. We cook together sometimes, but truly I enjoy cooking for my family and presenting to them what I made for them. This makes me feel like a proud mother and wife.


It Wasn’t a Special Occasion

A mix of Italian and Mexican vegetarian meal.

Ayesha loves cooking for her family. This is one of her favorite meals to cook.

I remember coming home after a 10-hour workday at our shop (Glory Crown Beauty & Barber Shop) and heading straight to the kitchen. I had just bought a new cookbook and I was super excited about preparing Baked Mexican Spinach Dip with Toasted French Bread and Black Bean Lasagna Rolls.


When I was done, I served my wife. We cuddled up on the couch in our PJs and just grubbed. Did I mention that we worked all day? For my first attempt, I did pretty good and she loved the meal! It wasn’t a special occasion, but it is one of my favorite memories.


Everything Has Changed

Ayesha and Cicely model their healthy new bodies.

Ayesha and Cicely are thrilled at the changes they’ve seen on a spiritual, mental and physical level.

Since we began our journey to health three years ago, everything has changed, from our immune systems to the people we have around us. When you’ve fought to keep your peace and positive energy, you become very selective about whom you allow in your circle.

With us being entrepreneurs, time is money, but our gym time is priceless. We know that no amount of money will ever give us peace of mind. The gym is our sanctuary.

We now embrace change and will continue to motivate each other to be the best versions of ourselves. In turn, it brought us closer to one another. When you look good you can’t help but feel good!


Advice on Embracing Healthy Change as a Couple

You have to find a balance, yin and yang. As a married couple, we have to be on the same page. Sometimes Cicely has to carry the heavier load that week to make sure things get done and vice versa on my end.

For other couples looking to make a change this year, our best advice is that you hold yourself and each other accountable.

You cannot say you’re going to make a lifestyle change and only halfway clean up your act! It’s not going to be easy but that’s what makes it more rewarding. Trust the journey and go hard or not at all. Mediocrity and success is all in your perception!



Cicely and Ayesha recently celebrated their eighth anniversary in November 2015. They live in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Following Society’s Rules Kept Me in an Abusive Relationship

Temeka and Carol never stopped loving each other
Temeka and Carol met and fell in love in college.

Temeka and Carol met and fell in love in college.

Written by Temeka Burton

In 2001 was a freshman at a small historically black Christian college in South Carolina and she was a sophomore when I first met her. I watched Carol for about two months and I made the first move on her. It was her walk, talk, and natural beauty that had me love struck, and I showed up everywhere she went until she noticed me.

I fell so deep in love until the only thing I did was breathe, sleep, and eat this chick. We were together for about six months. At the time we both met, we each had one child.

My son’s father got mad because I stopped coming home, and he told my mom that I was dating a female and that’s why no one could ever find me. After about a couple of months, my parents stepped in and threatened to never see me again.

I’m my daddy’s little girl and the only girl, so he said if I’m going to be with a woman, I can count him out of my life. If anyone knew me then, they can tell you that I valued that man’s opinion above all else. I couldn’t go on without having my father in my life and at the time I was only 19.

I went to Carol’s dorm room and told her once I left school, I was not coming back. She was devastated, she cried and begged me not to leave. The hurt in her eyes felt like a dagger in my heart. (We still discuss this 14 years later.) She tells me her whole world crumbled that night.

I left school and pretended like this never happened.


My Children Need Their Father, Right?

I started dating a guy who I stayed with for 10 years, and for the last 8 of them I knew it was not for me. By the end of those years, I had four babies and my motto was, I didn’t want my children to be raised without a dad.

I first met my kids’ father when we were in the 6th grade. So when I left Carol, I just went back to a familiar place, that was him.

The first two years were okay. I managed to suppress my feelings for females until I almost fooled myself.

My kids’ father knew I had been intimate with a female and knew I wanted Carol back. In 2005 I told him I was no longer happy, but we could stay together for our kids’ sake.

I endured physical, sexual, and mental abuse from him. He made me feel like if I left him, no one would want me because I had four kids, so I stayed.

He started staying home more and I found myself flinching when he touched me or tried to kiss me. When it was time for bed, I would fall asleep on the couch; and if I was in the bed, I was up by the time he came to lay down.

My Mother Gave Me Permission to Leave

In 2010 I was so depressed my mother was like, “I see you are not happy, so leave or go to therapy.”

I started being angry and I started preparing myself mentally, physically and financially to leave. I started talking to my kids telling them that, “mommy and daddy will not be living together.” I never dressed up or did my hair so I started pampering myself so I could feel like I was beautiful.

How I Reconnected With Her

Nikki & Amena Talk Shopping for Wedding Outfits from a Black Lesbian Perspective

Nikki and Amena shop for wedding outfits.

Nikki and Amena shop for wedding outfits.

Aside from the vows, the food and the partying, what wedding guests look forward to most at a wedding is the big reveal of the outfits. Like most lesbian couples, Nikki and Amena have had to, by default, adapt their wedding day to reflect their own new traditions. Before the two unveil their wedding day gear for their guests this weekend, they shared with us their thoughts on picking an outfit from the perspective of a black lesbian couple.

Black Lesbian Love Lab (BL3): Some women think and dream about their wedding day ever since they were little girls. Growing up lesbian, did either of you ever think about your wedding day? 

Nikki: Actually no, I was still stuck in la-la land and just being a kid.

Amena: I thought about it but it was not an every day thing. I am not the type of person that had every thing planned out before I was in a serious relationship. Getting an education, living and supporting myself on my own were the things I dreamed about as a kid.

BL3: Amena selected her wedding dress, long before you did, Nikki. As a woman with a more masculine gender presentation, what was shopping for your wedding outfit like?

Nikki: I had the year to plan, browse and really shop for what I want. It was also fun having family to help in the process. My cousin and my sister helped me pick out my outfit.

BL3: Do you have in mind what you want to wear on your wedding day?

Nikki: I do, but dare not share 😉

BL3: Amena, what kind of dresses did you look for?
Amena: When I went to look for dresses I was pretty open. I tried on several different types of dresses. I kind of thought I would end up in an off white or champagne color. I was surprised that these colors did not look that good on me. I also didn’t want a princess dress. The dress I chose is not a princess dress, but it is more poufy than I thought I would like.

BL3: Did either of you have any major concerns about your outfits?

Nikki: Always the look of the outfit, and how it will complement my shape and size. I won’t say my biggest concern is this, but I do think of how my *”broom’s” party will complement me. I am allowing the people in my broom’s party to purchase or rent their own outfits. I want to make sure that everyone’s colors are the same shade.
Amena: I wanted a dress that I felt comfortable in. I didn’t want it to be so flashy that [my family and friends] noticed the dress more than me.

BL3: Nikki, what is the most important feeling that you want to have when you look in the mirror on your wedding day?

Nikki: The feeling of looking sharp and a perfect reflection of the beautiful woman I’ll be marrying.

BL3: Any wedding outfit shopping tips for women who prefer a more masculine style of dress?


Nikki: For my fellow women who wear suits, go to a place that is gay friendly; it makes the experience more comfortable. I did go into one men’s store and the salesperson completely ignored me. I definitely felt why. If people don’t interact with you or you feel like they are treating you funny, leave. 

BL3: Amena, since this is a lesbian wedding, does the dress mean anything different in your opinion? Was dress shopping still exciting for you? Has Nikki seen the dress yet?

Amena: I don’t think it was much different for me than a straight bride. I think the fact that Nikki and I can get married legally plays into that. If this was not going to be a legal ceremony I may not have been as excited.

I was actually more excited and nervous than I thought. Wearing that dress makes it more real.

Nikki has not seen my dress and I have not seen her suit. We want that element of surprise. We will have a “first look” before the ceremony to see each other in our outfits. Not many people have seen my dress. I can’t wait to show it off on our big day!

*Broom is a mashup of bride and groom. Since Nikki is more of a tomboi, she chose to call herself a “broom.”

Dear Channing, You Deserve Better: How to End the Cycle of Bad Relationships

Toni Fields, plays the character of Channing in the Youtube series, studville.

Toni Fields, plays the character of Channing in the Youtube series, studville.

Written by Zamara Perri

I was one of the thousands of women who eagerly awaited the return of Studville, the Atlanta-based Youtube drama/comedy that follows the lives of four black lesbians and their partners. However, I was pretty disappointed to see that Channing, one of my favorite characters, had already fallen into another crazy relationship and we were only on episode three.

SPOILER ALERT: Let’s review Channing’s dating history. In season 1, she took care of a crazy woman and her children who threw gasoline on her, refused to work or clean, then proceeded to force Channing from her own home. In season 2, Channing dated a needy, whiny white girl who ended up cheating on her by sleeping with and getting pregnant by some dude. This season, Channing has been arrested because the woman she is dating hid her cocaine stash in Channing’s car.

I started thinking that maybe the show was portraying only dysfunctional black lesbian relationships to get more viewers. (And Channing’s storyline is not the only one that I’m giving the side eye to). However, the more time I spend in our communities, the more I realize that the show is based in reality. It seems like attractive, healthy, sweet, caring, professionally employed, god-fearing black lesbians like Channing are ONLY capable of attracting crazy, violent, drug abusing women.

Like Channing, some of us consistently leave one bad relationship only to end up in another. My message is for all the Channings out there: You can put a stop to bad relationships before they even get started.

The first thing you must understand is that, no one is truly immune from bad romantic relationships. We’ve all been there and done that.

Some of us don’t know when to walk away from these bad relationships because we don’t recognize what they are until we’ve already fallen head over heels in love.

Bad relationships don’t always include the most obvious bad behaviors like lying, cheating and beating. Sometimes the signs are a little bit more subtle, but they are there if we pay close attention.

Below are several steps for breaking the cycle of a bad relationship:

Know what you want from that special someone. This means you must dive beneath the surface. It’s good to know that you like a woman who looks a certain way or makes a certain amount of money. But go deeper. How do you want her to make you feel? How do you want her to treat you?

Make a list of your deal-breakers. What are the things that you will not put up with in a partner no matter how cute she is? The list should include: bad communication skills, emotional unavailability and dismissiveness. If you raise a valid concern, instead of copping to her own bad behavior, a dismissive women will tell you that you’re crazy or being silly.

My Butch Cleans Up Good: Why We Don’t Subscribe to Gender Roles


I don't get too excited about mowing the lawn, but I love what it looks like afterwards.

I don’t get too excited about mowing the lawn, but I love what it looks like afterwards.

Written by Zamara Perri


I’m a femme in a relationship with a butch and I mow our lawn. Why? First, for medical reasons my partner is unable to use the lawn mower for more than a few minutes.


Second, she prefers to pay someone. In our neighborhood that’s about $40 each time. When I multiplied that to around 10 cuts for the entire summer, I decided that as an able-bodied person, I’d rather spend the $400 on pretty dresses, pretty flowers, some braids and home décor.


Third, we don’t believe in using masculine pronouns or subscribe to gender roles that stem from a bygone, oppressive patriarchal system.


Fourth, I do a damn good job mowing the lawn! I’m always happy and proud about how great it looks after I’m done.


Definition, Please


But before we go any further, let’s get an understanding of exactly what it means to play into the idea of butch-femme roles. For some femmes they are ecstatically happy about and do not deviate from the traditional roles and expectations assigned to women from a bygone era. That means that they cook, clean, dress up and look pretty, raise the children if they have any, lay on their backs and defer to their more aggressive or masculine partner in every way. Their partners expect them to “act like a lady” and get upset when their more feminine partners deviate from certain traditional roles.


On the masculine/butch side, the butch takes on only the traditional male roles and ideas assigned to men from the middle of the century. This often means that butch women, simply by virtue of looking more masculine, are expected to earn more money than their femme partners, mow the lawn, literally wear the pants, take care of home repairs and be more aggressive in bed.


That. Does. Not. Work. For. Me. And. My. Partner. I laugh now because even though I mostly dated aggressive femmes in the past, I adhered to strict gender roles. I remembered buying a house with my first love. She was an aggressive, power femme. She brought home the bacon and I resentfully cooked it.


I didn’t like feeling like I had to do something because I was the softer femme or made less money. I remembered how it was her job to mow the lawn, but it was my job to plant pretty flowers.


Washington, D.C., winters soon made me realize just how ridiculous we were being to adhere to gender roles. We had two driveways and a long sidewalk. That meant that whenever it snowed it would take hours for one person to clear the snow, but if we both worked together we’d be able to clear it in half the time.


Yep, I Looked Through My Honey’s Phone! Big Mistake!


Written by Luvly Jones

Now, I would like to pride myself and say I am not the type of lady to look through my woman’s phone and I was … until recently. I had a funny feeling and my female intuition was coming in strong and hard. Something came over me and said, “Look through that phone” and next thing you know, I was all up in the business! But I wish I never did. Pandora’s Box was opened and BOOM!

So here is the story …

During this time, my honey and me were not in the best place emotionally. She was very distant and I was trying to figure out why. I knew that her ex had been texting and calling her, giving her the “Why don’t we get back together” business and the “I still love you blah blah blah” crap. So when my honey stepped out the car to go to the store and left her precious Samsung 3 in the cup holder, I knew it was my perfect opportunity to see what was being said between them.

It's so tempting to look through your partner's phone! Image courtesy of Bossip.com.

It’s so tempting to look through your partner’s phone! Image courtesy of Bossip.com.

Well, I found out that the ex was coming in to town. I know I should have kept my cool, but I went crazy. She came back into the car and immediately she could feel that my attitude had changed. She asked, “Baby, what’s wrong?” Of course I said, “Nothing” because I was not about to be found guilty of searching though her phone! I starting texting my bestie, so my honey asked me what I was texting. I told her nothing. Mind you my attitude sucked and we were having a great day before this. She snatched my phone to read what I was texting:

Girl, why I think her ex is in town and she is going to see her tonight.

My honey then asked me why I thought that her ex was here and then I blew up: I proceeded to accuse her of lying about the events she had planned that evening. I started to tell her how she has been making me feel and how distant she had been and while I am saying all of this I am leaving one thing out—that I went through HER PHONE. This made her think I was crazy because I am accusing her of lying and she has no idea why. See, I read the text messages wrong and thought the ex was in town that weekend, but she was coming the next month. By the way, these text messages were recent in her phone at the time and so if she was going to tell me, I didn’t even give her a chance to do so.

In the end, I put myself through so much unnecessary turmoil and torture. I totally misconstrued the few texts that I read on her phone, and had it all wrong, which caused unnecessary grief and heartache to the both of us! About a month later, I finally told her that I went through her phone. She was happy that there was a reason for my crazy but felt slighted that I withheld that piece of information because it explained a lot. OMG, I am soooo glad that snooping segment of my relationship is over! Going through someone’s phone is just too draining and it really takes a toll on you. And truly, with phone snooping, one of two things are going to happen: you will either have peace about what you read or all hell will break loose and Pandora’s Box will be opened!

Click on Page 2 below for some snooping tips!

Marathon Love Spotlight: Desiree & Marisol

Desiree and Marisol, who live in Florida, have been together for 13 eyars.

Desiree and Marisol, who live in Indiana, have been together for 13 eyars.

We had to liquidate all of our assets in order to stay afloat. In the end as always, staying together is worth it!

Written by Desiree Brandon

This year marks 13 years that Marisol and I have been together 13 years this year. We’ll celebrate those 13 years by getting married on September 26! September can’t come fast enough!

It took us this long because we wanted to be settled, and she wanted to be a citizen of the United States. Once same-sex marriage became legal, we thought we should do it then, but it wasn’t legal in our state (Florida). Now that it is and she will be a citizen before then end of the year, nothing’s stopping us now!

The secret to staying together for us is knowing that we go from work TO work each day.

We know that a relationship is work and we approach ours with a level head and an open heart. We also realize that life changes so much but love never changes! We are from two different countries (she’s from Trinidad and I’m American), yet we still have so many shared interests and experiences.

I think some couples give up when things get rough. But we don’t. Since neither one of us were born with a silver spoon, we just kind of roll with the punches and it was quite difficult but also quite easy in a way.

I remember when she had to leave the country due to a job status change and we weren’t sure if she was going to be able to come back. She was gone for almost five months! I was ready to sell the house, dog and our car so I could move to the Caribbean. In the end, everything worked out and she was able to come back. We had to liquidate all of our assets in order to stay afloat, but in the end, as always, staying together is worth it!

The hardest part about her being gone at that time was that I was in a really bad car accident and just really wanted her to be there and she wasn’t. But we kept going because we knew what our end game was. We really didn’t think twice. It sucked to have had to talk to her on the phone or to only see her on the computer, but when you commit yourself to doing anything, you can accomplish it.

Life is what you make it and after that, we are stronger than ever with jobs that pay almost double what we had going previously. We finally have it all—the house, car, dogs, chickens (yeah we have 6 of them)—and the beautiful life we hustled hard for at the beginning. Now to tie the knot in September!

Can You Stay Together After the Honeymoon?


Love is great when there are no problems, but what happens after the honeymoon period ends? Image courtesy of Essence.com

Love is great when there are no problems, but what happens after the honeymoon period ends? Image courtesy of Essence.com

You know that “love at first sight” story that will make all of your friends jealous? It’s often followed by a period of bliss, when you get into a relationship, and everything is perfect (i.e. sex, conversations, and the love). Such statements like “I don’t think we will ever argue” will come up and you think everything is perfect, but then … that first argument happens and you find out that the person you thought was so perfect and so magical is now human.

This first argument will cause doubt, it will last for a while and it will be hurtful. Hell, some new couples don’t make it past the first argument. But that is when you know the honeymoon is over and now it is time for reality and the awkward moments. You will start thinking about things that you will and will not stand for; you will have doubts, and even trust issues. It is the moment when you look at your partner and ask “are you the right one for me?” Ugh! Those moments are not easy at all, especially for me. And it’s funny because with my previous relationships (lovers and friends) I knew exactly where a person stood in my life, I knew if the relationship was temporary or permanent (which the majority were very temporary … until now).

For my partner and I, the honeymoon ended after I moved in. We had our first big argument and we broke up for 5 minutes. Well, maybe 30 minutes … thus, a readjustment. Prior to this argument, we really didn’t see the human side of each other, but when we did, all hell broke loose. To be honest, I didn’t think we were going to make it. It was like everything I was doing was wrong and everything she would say or do was hurtful to me. We were in battle. But somehow we both surrendered. I do not know how peace came into the situation but, everything became clear, I knew what I fighting for and every tear I shed was worth it. I know I sound like Tamar Braxton’s song Love and War, but it’s true. I had to re-evaluate—is this my forever person or not? I am sure she was thinking the same. I know she had her doubts. But I am happy that we got through it.

Communication is Key

Now don’t get me wrong, the water isn’t always still. Occasionally we have some severe weather, a few micro bursts here and there, but once it is over, it is over and it’s back to business. I had to learn not to harbor on things. If you let it fester in your spirit for too long, it will just eat you alive and negatively affect whoever is around you. So my method is to let it go and let whatever I am feeling, out! Communication is key! I am still learning how to navigate through my feelings, to discern those which are valid from those that are b.s. and I am learning how to pick my battles.

I have to be honest; I am quick to say stuff out of my mouth without thinking. If I have a feeling or a thought, I will just say it without thinking it through. However, I have come to realize that everything I say is not worth the argument that will ensue afterward. And recently, my partner told me that I was combative. For the record I don’t agree with that assessment! I had never been told that from anyone I ever dated. So as I was arguing back with her, detailing how I was not combative, I realized that I was proving her point. Learning how to pick my battles is a good practice.

We can all learn together, because TRUST is hard! And learning how to be the bigger person is also hard. Conceding to what you perceive is wrong is aggravating and feels like a frog in your chest but the peace that follows is priceless. I am still learning, but I think me and my honey are getting the hang of each other pretty well. I am very grateful for our post honeymoon battle because it allowed me know that we can work through anything. And what we have now is great!

As always … be luvly.



Luvly Jones is the oldest of three, daughter of a Christian pastor and enjoys writing poetry and short stories. After dating a plethora of women, resulting in many life lessons she now shares her life with the woman she believes is “the one.” In this space she shares her journey of awareness, love, conflicts and getting through a relationship without getting arrested.

Tianna Loves Charmagne: A Love Letter

Written by Tianna Glass

Charmagne and Tianna are engaged to be married in November.

Charmagne and Tianna are engaged to be married in November.

At the beginning of 2008, I met an amazing woman. I’d heard she was amazing before I met her, but then I met her in person and she completely lived up to the reputation. She says she knew I was amazing when she met me, despite my awful hat. There were some twists and turns and suddenly, by the end of the year, this amazing woman became the amazing love of my life. June means a lot to me because that was a month where a lot happened … more like where a lot of nothing was happening but everything was electric. There were so many directions that were available. So many roads to turn down. Every conversation felt like it should end with a kiss, but it wasn’t time. But it didn’t feel rushed (well, not always. There was one particular time that I tried to step on the gas and was blocked). It felt like waiting for a banana to turn from green to the perfect color yellow. One morning you come to the kitchen, almost forgetting that you bought bananas, and they are ready. Not a brown spot, skin taut and crisp … it’s delicious. [We were suddenly ready]. And from then on, it felt perfect. We waded in the shores of our venture, whatever it was. We didn’t give it a name and it didn’t ask for one. It was effortless and wonderful.

That was [six] years ago, give or take a few weeks. Since then there has been some effort, as with any relationship, but the love has still been effortless. Our relationship isn’t traditional (whose is?) but even with that, my heart is hers.

I don’t write poetry, but if I did it would be about her. I don’t sing songs, but if I did they would be for her.

There was a time in my life, where I’d never be this open talking about someone this way. Openly professing who my heart belongs to was a sign of weakness to the me before, but I think that’s because I wasn’t ready for that kind of freedom of emotion. I was worried that to say it out loud was to give it legs to crawl away and leave me gaping and vulnerable in front of all six people who read my blog. But I know that now it isn’t about that. Because y’all need to know that I love this woman. And she needs to know. And I need to remind myself. And a few posts ago, I talked about how I can generally convince myself that I suck at everything and will be left with only the end pieces of bread loaves for the rest of my miserable life. But I don’t. And she is a reminder of that every.single.day.

Tianna and Charmagne warm each other by a bonfire.

Charmagne and Tianna warm each other by a bonfire.

On our first getaway, we went to [Maine] for a stay in a quaint bed and breakfast. While there we had a great time doing a lot of nothing. We took walks, we sat, we ate, we made love, we walked some more, and we talked and talked and talked, as is our way. At the time we were doing whatever it was we were doing. Having fun, namelessly enjoying our time together. I remember thinking that regardless of if we were together for only a couple more weeks or even a couple more days that this was everything I needed. It was fantastic and nothing else would be able to compare to the time that I was having with this woman doing seemingly nothing. Sitting on a boardwalk, looking at an ocean that was too cold to get into. Silent, still, content.

We’ve been spending a lot of time … I’m not sure what the proper term would be. “Reconnecting” would suggest that there was a disconnect at some point. It feels more like a video game when you “level up.” Your character is more powerful, stronger, maybe with a cool new flame-thrower. Of course in life, there’s no screen that says that you’re leveling up. Sometimes you just feel it. Sometimes it’s obvious, like a graduation. Other times it’s just satisfying but you know it’ll mean more later on, like the first time you tell your friends that you’re too tired to go out and actually go to sleep. This time we’re working on our spiritual journey and as much as we’re doing it separately, we’re doing it together. A lot of the things we do in this process are singular, solitary, meant to be done in a meditative state by ourselves. But afterward, we can connect with what we’ve learned and grow together.

This all sounds overly saccharine. Something so simple like living and growing with the one you love is an everyday thing. But it doesn’t feel so everyday to me. My everyday was alone and not lonely. I didn’t “need” anyone but not in a bitter way. I just knew that my happiness lied within. It still does, but she’s soooo much a part of that. I wasn’t unhappy, but I definitely didn’t know that I could be happier. And now that I know, I never want to stop leveling up with her. Maybe there’s an invisibility cloak in the next one.

UPDATE: Click here to see the wedding pictures from November 2015.

This story was originally posted on the #Random blog on June 2, 2013. It is reposted here with permission. Tianna and Charmagne live in Connecticut and will be married in November. They promise to share photos!

Wedding Announcement: Devon & Adrian

Adrian Williams and Devon Williams are engaged to be married next summer.

Adrian Williams and Devon Williams are engaged to be married next summer.

After meeting on line in September 2013, Devon Williams and Adrian Williams are already making plans to spend the rest of their lives together. The Woodbridge, Va., couple recently announced their engagement in Tagg magazine. How did the two know they were right for each other? Adrian knew in December 2013 that Devon was the one after spending a few days away from her. Devon knew the moment she walked into the restaurant on September 8, 2013 that Adrian was the one.

Adrian proposed to Devon during the dessert course of a very special July 4, 2014 dinner. This beautiful couple plans to marry at Maggiano’s Italian restaurant in Tysons Corner, Va., next summer. They are hoping that their guests will be wowed by “the energy and love.”

Congratulations ladies!

Click here to learn more about their wedding and about this beautiful couple.