About: Z. Amara Perri

Ever since she learned to read and write, Z. Amara Perri (a pen name), has been making up stories in her head and putting them to paper. She wrote mostly in secret about a taboo subject–women in love. For many years, she knew that love was integral to a life well lived and until her mid-20s never pursued love with a woman in real life. Once she did, she never turned back. She became convinced that the love stories of black women in love were just as valuable, authentic and uplifting as any others. That is the reason she started this blog.

She has also written several ficitional love stories about black women in love with publication on the horizon. She has two communication degrees that she uses in a daily news setting. This blog is an attempt for her to apply her professional skills to a subject about which she is very passionate–the lives of queer women of color and their families. Keep coming back for more and please share your stories and ideas with her! You can always reach Z at editor@blacklesbianlovelab.com.