A Message for All the Single Ladies on Valentine’s Day

Being single on Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to focus on self-love.

Being single on Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to focus on self-love.

Written by Miss Kitty

For you single ladies on Valentine’s Day:

I just want to send out a positive message of hope. I know a lot of you are not happy today. Maybe you don’t have a special someone to spend Valentine’s Day with and you are feeling like you’ll never meet the right one. Maybe you had a plan to be married with kids by a certain age. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. But please don’t give up! Your special person is out there dreaming of you just as you are dreaming of her!

I didn’t meet my Hersband until I was 38 years old, and we got married when I was 40. Do I wish we would’ve met 10-15 years ago? Hell yes! But the universe will send you that special person when the timing is optimal for that to happen. Had Mari and I met 15 years ago, she wouldn’t have been ready for a long-term relationship.

When the universe brought us together, it was at the perfect time when both our hearts were ready and healed from past relationships and able to appreciate what we had to offer each other.

It’s true that sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs to finally end up with your princess. But it is worth the wait. I hope that you take today to practice self love and count the other forms of love (non romantic) in your life.

MIss Kitty

MIss Kitty

Miss Kitty is an author, energy healer, tantric sex coach and modern day priestess! She writes under several pen names and is an imaginary architect, a literary traveler and erotic arts master. Her line of erotica is a sensual feast for the mind and body; which range from soft and deeply romantic to hardcore and kinky. Miss Kitty also has a selection of books on lesbian relationships, dating, magic spell work for love and sex and much more! She is planning on releasing a book on lesbian tantric sex just in time for Christmas. Click here to visit her Amazon bookstore.

2 thoughts on “A Message for All the Single Ladies on Valentine’s Day

  1. I think it’s pretty presumptuous of you to offer unsolicited advice intended by it’s very content to assume that I’m unhappy because I’m single. It’s my choice. Please do not presuppose to speak about and for a subject of which you know very little. Not all single “ladies” are sad. Not all single ladies buy into the retail “holiday” that is Valentine’s Day. Look up the “real” story behind Valentine’s Day. It’s bloody, horrific tale of woe. Perhaps if your title read, “A Message for SOME Single Ladies”, I would not have responded, thusly. I just get REALLY frustrated because I get pigeon-holed or stereotyped because I’m single. SOME of us single ladies are pretty content to live in single blessedness. #JudgeMuch ?


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