WNBA Stars Brittney & Glory Say Yes to the Dress

Brittney (with locks) along with her friend and Glory's sisters wait for the bride to show off her gown!

Brittney (with locks) along with her friend and Glory’s sisters wait for the bride to show off her gown!

We all geeked out a little bit (okay a whole lot!) when WNBA superstar Brittney Griner proposed to fellow pro-ball player Glory Johnson last year. We just got word that the dynamic duo will be appearing on the TLC TV show, Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta.

On the show, friends and family members help the bride choose the dress. In this episode tomboi Brittney is clueless about what dress to even choose. However, quick-thinking and competitive Brittney decides that the store must put the best dresses on the mannequin and makes a bee-line for the closest mannequin! The clip is hilarious and cute and Glory seems so sweet and soft-spoken. Click here to watch the video!

The only annoying part of the clip came when Lori, the owner of the store said she was surprised that Glory would want something so feminine and she expected that Glory would want to wear a pant suit. What??? Because all lesbians want to wear a pantsuit to their weddings. Stereotype much?

The show airs this Friday, January 30 at 10pm/9 pm central. Will you be tuning in?

Glory Johnson models the dress that her fianceé Brittney Griner picked out.

Glory Johnson models the dress that her fianceé Brittney Griner picked out.

YouTube VLoggers Joy & Toy Talk About Eloping Plus Photos!

Joy and Toy are one of the most adorable black lesbian couples whose channel I follow almost religiously on YouTube. They are such a sweet couple and I love how much fun they seem to have with each other.

After watching their video about eloping in 2013 so that they could be together on base in Hawaii (see it below), I thought I would reach out to this couple and find out more about their relationship and special day.


Black Lesbian Love Lab (BL3): How did you first meet?

Toy: We met originally online in October 2010. We only chatted on the phone and few times and things sizzled out. As destiny would have it we pleasantly met again in March 2011 and decided to make things official.


Joy: I first officially met LaToya back in 2010 on an online social media site called DowneLink. Then again, in 2011 we ran into each at a party. I later found out that we actually crossed paths at a job interview … 7 degrees of separation I guess 🙂
BL3: When did you know you loved each other? 

Toy: I knew that I felt something very distinctive about her very early on. We all have very different definitions and interpretations of what adoration is but honestly it wasn’t until after marriage that I saw how profound our love really ran.


Joy: I knew that I was in love when I couldn’t stop thinking about her. It was something about her that was so different and special…almost “fairy tale-ish”. She sparked in me a desire to change, which I wasn’t afraid to do for her.
BL3: What do you love about each other?

Toy: I love witnessing my wife’s spiritual journey. I enjoy her newfound look on life and its meaning. She inspires me like no other. I love everything single thing there is about her, minus her bad gas. lol


Joy: What I love about her is her beautiful imagination. She has a great, almost innocent way of looking at life, which a realistic person like myself can appreciate.


BL3: What made you decide to get married? 

Toy: Joy proposed and I said, yes. Simple enough? Lol, no seriously we just knew the time was right. We were in a long distance relationship and just like any other relationship it was time for an evaluation. It was time for answers on where “this thing” was going. We knew we treasured each other, the distance could not go on endlessly, and the best resolution was marriage. And after being together for 2 years, we felt the time was right.


Joy: We decided to get married because we believed it was a bond that we already shared with one another. As a military member, we chose not to focus on “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” and the Defense of Marriage Act” and focused on what we truly wanted, which was to be together and happy.


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BL3: I know you ladies had to get your marriage license in a hurry. Were there any friends and family at the courthouse? Was there any particular moment of that day that was special or memorable for you? 

Toy: My cousin’s wife actually was there along with their son. She was not only our witness for the day but our photographer as well. The part of the day that was most exceptional was the feeling I sensed from within. When Joy looked at me and held my hand under the gazebo within our outside altar, I just knew it was right. That is a feeling that I will never have again and that is what makes it very special. It sealed the deal and from that point on. There was no looking back.


Joy: A hurry is an understatement! Lol. We were only expecting the military to approve a few days of leave to travel to a state that would marry us. Needless to say, there was not much time to plan the specifics so we were very grateful to have a family member in the area to escort us to the courthouse. She also served as our witness and photographer. The most memorable moment was just how peaceful the entire day was. Everything seemed to fall into place and although not extravagant, our wedding day was perfect.
BL3: Did you ever have a later ceremony with friends and family? 

Toy: No, and that is not the immediate plan. When the time is right and the Universe places the idea in our hearts we may oblige at that time. Until then, I am completely pleased with our decision to do a mini ceremony. We did what meant the most to us. At the end of the day we are the only two people that matter most in our marriage. We witness the exquisiteness that unfolds within our matrimony every day, not just “the” day.


Joy: We contemplated a later ceremony with family and friends but then we realized that the moment would only be for them. We are happy with our union and are even happier to have outlets where we can share countless special moments with the world.


For those of you who may be interested in eloping, check out Joy and Toy’s tips below for eloping.


Nette and Jasmine Build Their Family on Love

Story courtesy of Freedom to Marry

Nette surprised Jasmine by proposing on her birthday!

Nette surprised Jasmine by proposing on her birthday!

Nette’s birthday three years ago was a very special one—but not because she was the one being surprised. On April 4th, 2012, at 11:58 pm, Nette turned to Jasmine, love of her life and girlfriend of almost three years, and proposed.

Nette knew this was the date to completely surprise Jasmine. “Jazz always said we could never get engaged on our birthdays,” laughed Nette. “She had no clue what was coming!”

But, even though Nette broke the rules, Jasmine was delighted, and said yes. They were married just months later in New York, their closes friends surrounding them, and embarked on their lives together.

In February of 2014, the Louisiana couple realized a dream of theirs: to become foster parents. In addition to their two dogs, the couple now lives with five children, ranging from 14 years old to five months old.

Jasmine and Nette opened up their home to five foster children!

Jasmine and Nette opened up their home to five foster children!

The couple holds out hope that, soon, their love and commitment will be respected in the state they have given so much of their lives to. “Having the freedom to marry in Louisiana would fill a void,” said Nette. “Being able to check the ‘married’ box on documents, as simple as that is, would make us feel better. Marriage is between two people who love each other—and Jazz and I love each other.”

Click here to read more and see more pictures on the Freedom to Marry website.

Nice Femmes Don’t Fuck

Written by Z. Amara Perri 


When it comes to sex, some femmes have a hard time taking the lead.

When it comes to sex, some femmes have a hard time taking the lead.

“I remember when you bent me over the railing,” I whispered with a giggle.

“Do you want me to do that again?” She asked with a seductive smile.

My body was screaming, “Yes!” But that’s not what came out of my mouth. Batting my eyelashes coquettishly, I said slowly, “Maybe.”

She rolled her eyes, sighed in frustration and said, “Ugh there you go again. You femmes and that ‘maybe.’ We just talked about this today!”

It was a Friday night and my sweetie and I were snuggling in bed. The conversation we were having was an extension of the one we had earlier that day. The one in which I shared with her how some femmes in butch-femme relationships tend to follow the gender constructs laid out by society—nice women don’t fuck and by extension nice femmes don’t fuck.


Even though LGBT and queer relationships challenge societal norms in many ways, we as feminine women tend to buy into the tiresome tropes being sold by churches and misogynists alike and that is that a woman’s sexuality does not belong to her. Today I saw this vulgar and offensive meme on Facebook: “No hymen, no ring.” The idea being that a woman’s value is tied to her virginity. So because a woman has sex outside of marriage, she’s not wife material. Ummmm gross! Interestingly, men are not the only ones peddling this foolishness. Many of us femmes are complicit in our own sexual oppression.


What I mean is that those of us who are in relationships with more aggressive or masculine-identified women have sex lives that reflect the same idea that a patriarchal society has peddled for years—nice femmes don’t fuck.

I think we are also playing into heterosexual confusion about what lesbians do in bed together. One of the most frequent questions being, who is the “man” in the relationship? Of course there are no men, that’s the whole point. But the underlying question is who is the more dominant one because in Western society, despite the feminist revolution, we somehow continue to believe that someone has to be “in charge” of the relationship or call all the shots.


How do nice femmes perpetuate that idea in bed? We do that by not voicing what we want in bed, not taking control of our own pleasure, not knowing our own bodies or even being more aggressive in bed. As I look back at my history with more dominant women, I know that has been true for me. I have mostly been a very submissive and non-vocal participant in my own sex life. Even though I tend to be a very progressive thinker who goes against the grain in every way, when I get in bed with a more aggressive woman, I start following the nice femme script.

And it looks a lot like a scene from a bad heterosexual porno: I don’t initiate sex, I immediately get on my back, I don’t vocalize my desires and fantasies, I don’t always reciprocate oral sex and I focus more on her taking her pleasure and use the excuse that it takes too long for me to orgasm so I give up on trying to have one.


Of course my sex life doesn’t look 100 percent like this anymore, but I was shocked to realize that I had this mental carryover from traditional heterosexist society. And how does this impact my partner? My sweetie explained that it was one of the things that she hated about sex with femmes. She shared how uncomfortable it was to always initiate and how it was constantly an opportunity for rejection.


So of course she found it annoying when I brought up how she bent me over the stairs and fucked me senseless then refused to claim my own desire for more of the same. Why? Because I was again playing the coy femme who would not vocalize a simple sexual desire. I brought up her fucking me on the stairs while we were in bed for a reason. And then backed away when she asked me if I wanted more of the same. Why? It’s simple really. The millions of messages we get every day are powerful and if you’ve been hearing those same messages for decades, it’s going to be kind of hard to unlearn some of the most persistent messages.

Autumn & Dana Talk About The Butch-Femme Spectrum

Dana and Autumn give their take on their femme and butch identities in a new photo series by Wendi Kali.

Dana and Autumn give their take on their femme and butch identities in a new photo series by Wendi Kali. Photo courtesy of Wendi Kali

I ran across Wendi Kali’s awesome photo series on Everyday Feminism in which she showcases diverse women discussing how they embrace various parts of the butch-femme spectrum. As a self-proclaimed lazy femme, I found the photos and accompanying comments dazzling. It was refreshing to get such a varied perspective on what is a very hot topic in the LGBT community. So many of us have fixed ideas of what “butch” should look like and what “femme” should look like and these women handily debunk those limiting ideas.

Personally, I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I used to be one of those women who would never date an outwardly butch woman because I mistakenly assumed they were trying to be men. It took some time and education, but now I get it. People are people and how they express themselves outwardly is personal and not always an indication of them trying to be anything other than themselves. Ironically many people would assume that my sweetie is a tomboi or a butch just based on her athletic mode of dress. (She doesn’t claim any label.) But she is so much more girly than me and I tease her about it all the time. I tend to actually be more aggressive than she is. We laugh about how we must confuse people all the time.

Anyway, Autumn and Dana were a black lesbian couple featured in the piece and I loved their take on things:


High Femme
30 years old
Long Beach, CA

“I perform this hyper femininity because it feels really comfortable for me. It serves as a physical manifestation of my natural state of mind (soft, elegant, glamorous, sweet), and it makes my heart sing. I like the term ‘high femme’ because I’m quite over the top with my femininity. It’s about personally being in love with your own designated femme markers rather than succumbing to being ‘feminine’ because it’s what you’re supposed to be. It isn’t about being a better femme or more of a true femme. For me, it’s about having fun with a highly extreme exaggeration of feminine gestures. It’s definitely a parody, an act.

“It also connects deeply to my love of performing burlesque. I actually tried to be feminine when I first came out. It didn’t quite flow. It felt contrived, and it was because it wasn’t authentic. As I allowed my high femme self to develop on its own, I found that I wasn’t fighting with myself over how I presented. It came naturally after deconstructing my thoughts on performing femininity and re-building what it all personally meant to me. More changed in my mind and then I feel like I began to blossom outwardly. I think it’s worth noting that I feel like a high femme even outside of my clothing and makeup.”


Butch/Soft Butch
35 years old
Long Beach, CA

“I have been comfortable expressing my masculine energy as far as I can remember. Around high school, I felt ashamed of it, but quickly reclaimed my masculine expression after high school. The older I get, the more comfortable with my masculinity. Now, I am expressing both my femininity and masculinity interchangeably. I’m proud of who I am and how far I’ve come in spite the lack of resources and community available to me during my time developing my identity. I feel free to explore new realms with my partner, and I’m so grateful for the communities that I belong to now for their support.”


Calling all butch-femme couples who want to share their photos to email me at editor@blacklesbianlovelab.com. 

Top 10 Reasons Why She Gets Into Relationships

maxresdefaultNot all love relationships are equal. Love is a choice and each time you give your heart or body or soul to her, there is always a reason. I think this piece written by Toni Fields, the actress on the Studville YouTube show, definitely captured the many reasons why people in general (black, white, straight, queer, woman or man) get into relationships:

10. Damsel in distress kind of love (when she is in a relationship but is not happy with yet stay and say, “woe is me”)

9. In your pockets kind of love (when she loves the power of your pockets and tolerates you)

8. Superficial kind of love (when she really only likes your looks)

7. Comfortable kind of love (when she feels safe in a situation because she is too afraid of change)

6. Imagery kind of love (when she is in a relationship because of a social notoriety of some sort)

5. Desperation kind of love (when she is in a relationship so she can say that she has a relationship or because of fear of loneliness)

4. Set up kind of love (family prearranged her partner)

3. Settling kind of love (when she just gives up on her ideal relationship for what’s available or reoccurring)

2. Unconditional kind of love (rare, when she loves someone under any circumstance)

1. Soul_full kind of love (when it’s beyond the physical, and she is completely comfortable in who you are, who she is, and there’s an inexplicable need for their presence, soul mates 🙂

Toni FieldsToni Field is an actress on the black lesbian Studville web show. She plays Channing, a sweet but chronically unlucky-in-love stud. 

Michelle and Karen Come Clean About Their Haute, Messy Love Affair


When Michelle and Karen first met, years ago, the chemistry was undeniable.

Karen (52) and Michelle (64), who live in Northern California, have the kind of love story that steamy romance novels are made of. Their connection was immediate, and although their story had many plot twists and turns, they always found their way back to each other. The founding couple behind the clothing line Haute Butch, with Karen serving as designer, recently shared with us their fireworks-filled love story:

Black Lesbian Love Lab (BL3): How long have you been together?

Michelle: We always answer that by saying, it depends on how you count. We have one of those relationships where we were together or not together and then not together for decades. We got married in April 2004.

BL3: How did you meet?

Michelle: I was with another woman after Karen just got out of the Navy to be with her lover. My partner really wanted us to meet Karen. We went over and I remembered we were sitting on the couch. Karen walked out of the back and was adjusting her belt. She looked at me and I looked at her and thought, ‘Oh boy we’re in trouble.’ It was instant attraction. She went into the kitchen. Flustered, I followed her! Our energy was just pinging off each other.

Karen: I was going through the same thing when I saw her knowing I was in a relationship. I didn’t want to keep looking at her, that’s why I went into the kitchen.

Michelle: It was one of those really scandalous situations in our community. We were kind of sneaking around and frankly seeing each other. We got busted! Karen got all of her clothes thrown out in the front yard, bleached and set on fire. It was pretty bad. We were together four years after we got busted. And then we split up.

BL3: Why did you break up?

Karen: We were both actively engaged in addiction—mostly alcohol and cocaine. I’ve been sober for 28 years.

Michelle: We followed each other in recovery and I’ve been 27 years sober.

 Click here to read more.


After Saying No to 4 Proposals, Shaunte’ Proposed to Bree

Bree and Shaunte's fun, retro engagement photo shoot.

Bree and Shaunte’s fun, retro engagement photo shoot.

Bree and Shaunte’ have a cute YouTube channel in which they document their lives as a married, black, lesbian couple living in the South. Shaunte’ made it clear to Bree from the get-go that she should not propose to her. Shaunte’ had turned down four marriage proposals in the past and did not want to go there with Bree. When Shaunte’ who was all for free love and open relationships realized that she could actually be married forever to Bree, she knew she would have to pop the question.

This lady went ALL OUT. Shaunte’ came up with an elaborate, hilarious schemeto get her honey to the venue. I’m not going to tell you any more, watch this hilarious and adorable video about the August 2012 proposal below:

From Cuddle Buddy to Girlfriend: A How-To Guide

black-lesbian-couple1 Written by Z. Amara Perri

Being a cuddle buddy has its perks. I think I had one a couple years ago, but someone caught feelings. Someone always catches feelings in situations like that. I said I think I had one because I don’t remember looking for one or even going through the process of applying for one.

For those who are not clear on the definition, a cuddle buddy or a friend with benefits (FWB) or a fuck buddy is an attractive friend you spend nights with, without the hassles or perks of a relationship. Most of the time there is no-strings attached sex. That’s why it’s critical that people are attracted to their cuddle buddies. Generally, people go hunting for cuddle buddies right before it gets cold. If you live anywhere in the Northeast, Midwest, Canada or the North Pole, having a warm body next to you during winter is damn near required by state law.

Cuddle buddies can also be useful during the warmer months when you’re getting over an ex or just don’t feel ready for another relationship. Some people may look down on the cuddle buddy arrangement, but I don’t. Hell, two consenting adults should be free to decide how they want to engage in their private lives. It’s none of my business (sips tea).

What I love about the cuddle buddy arrangement is that the people involved generally have better communication than those couples who are actually in relationships. They generally talk and lay the ground rules about what is expected from the relationship right up front (such as don’t just show up at my place in the daylight), which cuts down on confusion and hurt feelings. The cuddle buddy is not expected to be possessive if the other has other women in her life. The cuddle buddy is not expected to meet family or friends, go on dates or pretend she doesn’t find other women attractive. Anyway, sometimes cuddle buddy arrangements can actually morph into an emotional relationship. Like I said people catch feelings. It happens. Especially with lesbians, we can be so damn emotional. The best part is when those feelings are mutual. When that happens, these tips can ease the transition:

  1. Admit that your feelings have changed. It might be scary, but talk to your cuddle buddy about your changing feelings. If you don’t, it’ll just make things awkward when you get jealous about who, besides you, she’s spending time with.
  2. Don’t just spring the news on her while you’re in bed. Take her out to a coffee shop or to a park—someplace neutral. Nothing’s worse than having this conversation at either of your homes. It’ll be harder to get away if the feelings are not mutual.
  3. Be very selective about timing. It can be difficult to find someone you are sexually compatible with and actually like as a person, so be strategic about rocking the boat. If you are immensely enjoying the benefits that your cuddle buddy comes with and there are still two more months of winter, don’t rock the boat. Tell her about your desire for an upgrade in the spring.
  4. If she admits to wanting to be more than sex buddies, then yay! But take things slowly! Talk to her about what being more than a cuddle buddy means. This might not mean you’re headed for a trip down the aisle. Discuss your expectations openly.
  5. Come out of the closet. The great thing about cuddle buddies is that they can be kept to one corner of your life. There was no need to integrate her into other areas of your life. But now that you’re officially dating, it’s time to introduce her to your friends and family as the woman you’re dating.
  6. Stop dating/sleeping with other women. Obviously. Unless you’re both into open or poly relationships.
  7. Spend time together in real life. When you were just cuddle buddies, you probably only saw each other under the cover of night or only when it was convenient. Now that you’re dating, you need to include her in your real life. If you only saw each other on weekends because you were busy at work, invite her over on hump day so you two can relax and watch TV together. If you’ve got schoolwork or a business you’re running, invite her to join you at the library so you can work side by side. If you’re used to inviting her over after the kids are in bed, ask her to join you at the playground or at a school activity so they can slowly get to know her.
  8. If she doesn’t want to be more than sex buddies, she’s a terrible human being! (Just kidding!) You should end the cuddle buddy arrangement immediately (Not kidding!). Your feelings will only grow and you’ll only get upset to know that she still wants to have sex with you, but doesn’t want to put a ring on it. Body pillows and a vibrator may not be great substitutes for your cuddle buddy, but they definitely help ease the pain.

Slideshow & Video: Ciara Surprises Melinda With an Amazing Proposal

Ciara gets down on bended knee in front of Melinda.

Ciara gets down on bended knee in front of Melinda.

Ciara and Melinda are documenting their journey to the altar on the blog, wusbandandwife.com. The two live in Charlotte, North Carolina. After being together for five years, Ciara went all out and staged an elaborate, surprise proposal for her beloved and captured it all on video. This beautiful couple shares their story with us:


Black Lesbian Love Lab (BL3): How did you two meet? 

Ciara and Melinda: We met at a gay-friendly irish pub in mid-December 2008. And here’s the funny part, neither of us were supposed to be there! At the time Ciara was driving a car that turned off randomly. She and her friend, wanted to go out but kept debating the pros and cons. Was it really worth going all the way to uptown Charlotte? They decided it was. Melinda, on the other hand, was just planning to stay home that night. But her friends drove four hours from Fayetteville, N.C. to surprise her and take her to their favorite hangout spot.

Ciara: I remember the moment I saw Melinda. She was dancing with her friends and I was immediately drawn to her. For a few minutes I built up the courage to approach her. I gave her my number and asked her to make sure she called me. Melinda says I asked her several times and that’s probably true. I just knew that she needed to be in my life.


BL3: When did you know you loved each other?

Ciara: Great question! When I first met Melinda there was something that was truly magnetic about her. I immediately felt like she needed to be in my life. I would say that I knew that I loved her within our first few weeks of dating. But I didn’t want to scare her away by saying “I love you” so soon. That fear dissolved within the first month of our relationship. In fact, the first gift I bought Melinda was a promise ring. We had only been dating for a month, but I knew I didn’t want a day to go by where she wasn’t in my life.

Melinda: Hmm, this is hard. I can’t think of the first distinct moment, I think I am in a perpetual state of learning and re-learning why I love Ciara. It is kind of like a painting that speaks to you. When you first see it, you love it and you know you love it, but you don’t really know why, you just know you have to have it. Then as it hangs on your wall and you pass it day in and day out, you realize things that you love—some parts of it because they make sense for your personality. You start to see and love things you’ve never noticed before and as things in your life change, you begin to love things you didn’t like before. That’s how I’ve loved Ciara so far–perpetually and at the same time, kind of randomly.


BL3: Why did you decide to get married now?

Ciara: Melinda and I had been dating for five years before I proposed. Honestly, I could have proposed earlier into our relationship, but I wanted to be in a position to do it right. I didn’t want her to settle for anything less than what she envisioned for her dream proposal. In addition, it was important that I earned her family’s trust. I wanted to show them that Melinda was safe with me; that I was committed to making her happy for the rest of my life. I knew it was time when I spoke with Melinda’s parents and asked for permission to marry Melinda; and without a moment of hesitation, both eagerly granted me their blessing.

Melinda: I knew that I wanted to get married since I first learned that Ciara’s last name is Lilly. I knew I wanted that last name. So I’ve been waiting a long time! But I think the timing is right for where we are in our lives and what we’ve had to go through to get here. In retrospect, it was also important for me to earn her family’s trust and show them how I love Ciara. The stability that we’ve created, both fiscally and emotionally helps to keep us sane during tough or busy times.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


BL3: The proposal was really amazing. Did you both plan it or did Ciara plan it alone?

Ciara: It was a complete surprise to Melinda. For six months, I planned our surprise engagement party. I compiled a list of Melinda’s favorite things, stuff like: her favorite color, her favorite songs, her favorite foods, etc. Then, I established a game plan, which required the help of a lot of people, including Melinda’s brother and sister.

The plan, as Melinda understood it, was that on December 28, Melinda’s family (mom, brother, sister, step-dad and aunt) would join us for a family dinner at my uncle’s house. This would be the first time our families would meet.

But on December 28, with her family riding along, we made a stop at a local wine shop called Vin Master, to pick up a bottle of wine for our “family dinner”. When Melinda walked in, she was greeted by 30 of our closest family and friends. See, I had reached out to all her friends via Facebook inviting them to join us on December 28. I had even flown her dad down from New York to surprise her. He was the first person she saw walking in.

As she walked around the venue, greeting friends and family, she soon realized that there was a family dinner after all. I had hired a personal chef to prepare all of her favorite foods. On each table, she saw decorations that I found on her Pinterest page. All the flowers were her favorite flowers. The wines, provided by Vin Master, were all sweet wines, which are her favorites.

So imagine trying to process this all. And then, out of nowhere, one of your favorite songs comes on and random people get up and start dancing. She’s looking around, she’s looking at me, and then it clicks, this is a flash mob. The exact thing she said she wanted when we discussed her dream proposal.

After the flash mob concludes, out walks an Emmy-nominated poet, Bluz, who I had worked with to write a personalized poem about us. Inside his poem, she’s hearing things that only we would know about our relationship. Like the time we were both unemployed and we only had $10 leftover in our budget to last us a month. Or how I once asked her if she would live with me in a cardboard box, because times were so rough and I didn’t know how we were going to fix it; but I knew that if we stayed together, even in a cardboard box, that we could make it through anything.

As Bluz concluded his poem, and Melinda and our guests are wiping tears, the last line goes, “If I ask you…” He hands me the ring box, I take Melinda by her hand and bring her in front of all our guests to ask her, “Will you marry me?”

She says, “Yes,” and, well, the rest is history.