8 Love Habits You Should Never Live Without

Written by Z. Amara Perri
I confess. I went on a blind date this week. It was just okay. There was nothing really magical about it for me or for her. Needless to say, a second date will not be in the works. Why? She talked about herself the entire time, and during that time, she revealed several other unattractive character traits. Her rambling monologue, a recipe for boredom even if she had the most exciting life ever, (she didn’t) completely turned me off. I guess the glazed look in my eyes wasn’t a clear enough hint.

Anyway. That got me thinking, it is never too early in our relationships and love careers to form good love habits. So I thought I would share some good, non-negotiable habits to develop in a loving relationship. Click through the following pages for eight love habits that you should never live without:


1. Listening. How can you get to know someone if you never take time to listen to her fears, concerns and even joys? Practice active listening by first listening and second asking some questions.

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