Slow Down for What?

Although I discovered this piece kind of late, I love the message! Dating is not a sprint! It is a marathon. By taking your time to date and truly get to know this other person, you can avoid some of the traps that can make dating another woman a highly emotional train wreck. Read on for this lovely lady’s piercing insights 🙂

Flowers that Bloom at Night


At the ripe old age of 35 I am, thankfully, not inclined toward hook-ups, one-night stands or friends-with-benefits.  I don’t have as much trouble waiting or delaying physical intimacy when dating or meeting someone new.  But admittedly, when I attempt to “take things slow” on the emotional side, “going slow” really just means not as fast as the last time.   When I like someone and there is an attraction, I am excited and enjoying myself and moving slow doesn’t occur naturally for me.   I could easily spend hours on the phone or let a coffee date linger on for the entire afternoon.   And if there is “chemistry” it is easy for me to hang out or visit with my new interest for several days a week, back-to-back.   So, while I’m not likely to jump in the sheets with someone I just met, it wouldn’t be honest to say that…

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