The One Thing You Should Invest in On Your Wedding Day

The only time blurry pics make sense is when you're going catfishing, they don't belong in a wedding.

The only time blurry pics make sense is when you’re going catfishing.  They don’t belong in a wedding album.

Although weddings only last one day, memories last forever. They say the average American wedding costs about $27,000. I don’t know anyone who would ever spend anywhere close to that on one day. But then again, maybe my friends are just cheap or sensible or financially strapped. I had a friend who had a beautiful church wedding for less than $2,000 and nothing about the day looked or felt cheap.

Now I’ve never been married nor do I go to very many weddings, however, I love sharing people’s wedding stories. And I would share a whole lot more. But I don’t and there is one reason why—many of the pictures are not great. Seriously. Some pictures look like they were taken with cell phones, in dark rooms, by friends and family who barely know how to point and shoot. Now while crappy pictures can be annoying for those doing editorial work, I can’t imagine it feels good for the couple when they look back on their wedding day.

Some of us say we want love like this, but end up settling for way less.

This beautiful couple’s wedding was documented by a professional photographer.

If I had to choose between an expensive dress, an expensive venue, an expensive band or a photographer, I would buy a $99 dress at Target, hold the event in somebody’s backyard, pull out an iTunes mix and spend the money on a decent photographer. There will be no blurry pictures of my wedding day. I personally believe that when you look back on your wedding day, all the extra becomes a blur, but CLEARLY seeing the light of happiness and love between the couple getting married and from friends and family supporting them, will be priceless. But priceless memories don’t have to start out at $1,500 a pop, which is what some wedding photographers charge. You can get creative about documenting your special day—that’s what Pinterest is for.

Good Photos Are Not Only For Weddings

And while we are on the subject, if you are in some type of long-term relationship, get a professional photo taken of the two of you every once in a while. Cell phone cameras are wonderful for everyday selfies, but they don’t replace the skills of a photographer. Even if you have to go to the mall or JC Penney, it’s worth it. I believe in documenting the lives of black lesbian relationships because our lives and loves matter. And I believe we should invest in what matters to us. I only have one professional picture of me with an ex, but none of me and the others. That makes me sad because those women are an important part of my history; they loved me at a point in time when I didn’t even know how to love myself.

And by the way, be sure to get digital copies of your beautiful photos so you can easily share with friends, family, Facebook strangers and media outlets like this one 🙂

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