Watch: Jeannie & Monique’s Beautiful Wedding Story

Jeannie and Monique wedding Last Sunday was no ordinary day for Monique and Jeannie. It marked the day they married each other in Farmingham, Minn. Jeannie says of the day, “My soulmate and I completed our family on August 24, 2014. Together we have 2-year-old twins MaKenzie and Madison and a 5-year-old MaKayla. Love is the glue that holds us together.”

The couple, who have been together for nearly four years, wrote their own vows. Calling Monique her Sunday kind of love, Jeannie said, “I now know true love is possible and I know that I’ve found that in you. I know that until the day I die, I will hold onto you.”

Monique responded with, “I can’t see my life without you. You are my best friend.” She also promised to do something that should be in every wedding vow: “I promise to always listen and attempt to understand your feelings and to love you unconditionally and be there for you no matter the obstacles.”

The video shows the brides tearing up and their beautiful children, family and friends. The soundtrack is especially beautiful as they selected the song “Melodies” from Dara McClean.


I especially loved these lyrics:

“There’s nothing wrong with our love

So real I can’t get enough

Words can’t sum it up

I just want to be with you.”


Congratulations ladies! Enjoy the short and sweet video below 🙂

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