Jenara and Kena’s Private Wedding

Janara and Kena's first wedding was an intimate one in Lake Tahoe, Calif.

Janara and Kena’s first wedding was an intimate one in Lake Tahoe, Calif. Photo by Denise Oliveira

Janara and Kena’s story on caught my attention, not only were they an attractive couple, but they look so genuinely happy on their wedding day. I loved that they had a simple, beautiful wedding that included just the two of them. But I was even more charmed by how they originally met Here is a snippet met:

They originally met in Tennessee, when Kena was stationed there, through a mutual friend. “I emailed a bunch of friends of my friend, and Janara was the only one who wrote back,” Kena said. It seems the two women have always been on the same wavelength. They both bought engagement rings secretly. When Kena proposed late one night during a camping trip, Janara didn’t reveal that she’d already bought a ring. “I had bought her a ring three months before. She had no idea. I was holding it, I wanted her to have the chance to do it first,” Janara said. Shortly after, she took Kena to dinner and proposed.


Click here to read more about their two weddings.


Congratulations ladies! Wishing you happiness, love and patience in your journey together.

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