My Androgynous Miss

This poem was written by a friend for her girl, but I loved it so much, I asked her if I could share it with you all. So enjoy this ode to dominant women on this beautiful Friday. 

By Blu Reign



The perfect combination of feminine masculinity
A facial structure of infinite beauty
From her almond round eyes to her seductive pink lips
She draws me in with her intellectual tongue
Standing at average height, her mental stimulation far exceeds ordinary

She is the perfect combination of soft & hard, mixed with salty & sweet … I know because I’ve tasted her
A mulatto mix of sweet goodness, flavored with a level of dominance that is hypnotic to the soul

Her sense of masculine style, blended with feminine finesse captivates the sprit with a burning desire to want more
She is pleasure, intellect, dominance, and beauty …
An aromatherapy of passion …
She is my androgynous miss

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