Do You Know How to Love a Broken Woman?

This wonderful post, written by Imani Evans on her blog Create Love for Women Who Love Women, touched me deeply. In it she shares  painful childhood experiences and how she emerged from them as a victorious, warrior woman. I personally could identify with her struggle and pain and know many other women do. Below are her three tips for loving a wounded woman:

1. If you are trying to be her savior, then you have missed the point. Even more tragic–if you are trying to be her savior, then you don’t fully see her.

2. Be committed to doing your own work too. The best thing you can be for your sweetie is the best “you” that you can be.

3. You must be willing to see your warrior woman with what I call “love bifocals.” Okay, so the name may sound weird and honestly it even makes me giggle. 🙂 However it is no joke. Wearing love bifocals means being able to see your beloved it in her dichotomy and celebrate her fully. It means seeing all her parts and loving the whole.

Have you loved or been a broken woman? How did that work out or not work out?

Click here to read Imani’s full article. 



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