What is the Epitome of a Stud? Let’s Drop Some Knowledge on You

Knowledge. Image: studwithswag.com

Knowledge. Image: studwithswag.com

Thanks to my Facebook friend who reposted “The Lesbian Stud Manifesto” originally written by Knowledge, who runs the StudWithSwag.com blog. Although it was published in 2009, I’m new to the the piece and find it still rings true today. For those who may be confused about what being a stud, masculine of center woman or dominant lesbian, means, Knowledge breaks it down:

“Being a stud is not about trying to control someone or collect women as trophies. It encompasses everything having to do with treating a woman like the Queen she is. In return, she will embrace you as the female King of her castle or however you wish to be honored by your woman. She will understand that just because you may at times feel entirely comfortable expressing your masculine side, you are 100% woman and that doesn’t mean you want to be a man nor does it give her license to strip you of your womanhood in the process. There were women kings throughout history that took on roles as leaders of entire nations. There is only pride and respect to be found in fulfilling such a role.”

Click here to read the rest of the piece at www.studwithswag.com.

2 thoughts on “What is the Epitome of a Stud? Let’s Drop Some Knowledge on You

  1. I just read the entire Manifesto ! My response was WOW! Well said! Well written! Any questions, comments or misconceptions about Studs have definitely be answered!


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