Must Like Cats? The Pet Barrier to Finding Love

PizzaCatI have a cat. She’s sweet and at times mildly violent. It takes a special someone to put up with her. My ex adored her so much that she even made up a special song just for her! It was a proud mama’s dream come true. How could I not fall for a girl who adored my kitty? Although I must admit I was slightly jealous of their bond as she never sang to me. Anyway, one of the reasons my ex got the green light for us to date was because we were both cat people. She also had a cat. That was a plus in my book because, sadly, I’m not a dog person. I dated someone with a dog once and I don’t think I properly veiled my contempt for him jumping into bed with us at night after running around in the great outdoors all day. See, I have a touch of OCD and to me dogs are synonymous with dirty. As I ease back into the dating scene, I add certain pluses and minuses for each potential paramour. Anyway, since lesbians are known to be cat people (pun not intended), most lesbians should pass the test, right? Here’s a peek into my running self commentary upon meeting a potential date:

  • She’s a femme. Negative. But has a nice body and is a cat person. Maybe she’s a possibility.
  • That one is masculine of center. Positive. Dark chocolate complexion. Plus. Well-educated. Plus plus. Has kids. Um when can we get married? She’s got dogs? Um let me back pedal quickly.

So, yes I’m one of those weirdos who takes the pet test very seriously! Like Dan Savage often says, there’s a cost to ride this ride honey! And for me it’s love me, love my cat. So, I’m just wondering, I’m I the only one?  What kind of pets will you not put up with? Take the poll below!


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