Love Lesson Number 1: Awareness

Do any of us really know how to love? We come into the world as perfect, wonderful and whole treasures. But a series of actions, big and small, intended and unintended, form cracks in our foundations. As we grow, we try our very best to keep from shattering. As adults we intellectually understand that love is the key and we desperately try to return to who were as babies when we were absolutely flawless and existed in the world easily and freely. But if creation was done in only six days (or nine months in most cases) then recreation is devastating because as far as we know, we can only become more of what we already are.

For some of us it doesn’t take long to remember what makes love easy—it takes facing a near 100 percent possibilty of being hurt and yet we take the risk anyway. For others, it’s a constant struggle. Sometimes we find love here on earth and other times, we have no other choice but to do the hard work and find it where it always was—deep inside of us. Image

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